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Reiki is a powerful healing technique which harnesses the life energy flowing through all living things.  Combining reiki and “clair” abilities brings a combination of advanced healing for the body and mind through time and space.  Light codes being sent to earth are unlocking and advancing DNA capabilities in the human body and our pineal gland is triggering our brain capacity to expand.  It is a period of change for the collective consciousness and some of us need a little extra support to navigate in this new world.  Cosmic Rose was created with the intention of helping humans ascend to higher dimensions – but to do this we first must heal our bodies and release stagnant energy.  If you are needing support through this period of change then you’ve come to the right place.  No preparation is needed for sessions and it’s easy to meet with me at the click of a few buttons.

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Meet Mandi

Reiki Master & Intuitive Healer

For most of my life, I felt like I didn't belong.  It was as if the world around me was a superficial cartoon and I didn't know my place or why I was here.  I wasn't always 'gifted', or a 'healer', or a 'lightworker'.  My family wasn't spiritual and I didn't see dead people at an early age.  However, in my 30's I did have a series of enlightening moments where the world around me started to shift and my perspective changed which allowed me to see the world in a completely different light.   Calgary Canada


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Virtual/Distance or in-person Reiki Healing

Virtual Reiki session via technology platforms such as Zoom, Facebook video, FaceTime or Skype.

Sessions start with a card reading and include a full Reiki treatment. 


Distance Reiki is very powerful and I encourage you to checkout my blog section which details how virtual Reiki works.

In-person Reiki sessions offered in my home studio in South Calgary.



Usui Reiki Courses

Learn the healing practice of Reiki for your own use, or for use on others.

Level 1: Explore the history of Reiki, the energy systems and nature of Reiki energy, ethics, hand positions, practical applications and receive an attunement.

Level 2: Focused on mental and emotional healing, learn about the Reiki symbols, delivering distance sessions, developing your intuition, and receive an attunement.

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Primordial sound meditation course

Mandi is a certified Chopra Meditation Instructor from Deepak Chopra's organization.  Attend a virtual course over Zoom where you will learn about primordial sound meditation, receive your personalized mantra based on your birth information, learn how to perfect your meditation practice, and learn about higher states of consciousness.

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LIVE or recorded MEDITATIONS with Mandi

Mandi is a guided meditation teacher on the Insight Timer app here.


No prep or experience necessary.  


Attend a scheduled live event, or enjoy a pre-recorded guided meditation facilitated by Mandi.  


Self-care of the mind can help you keep focused for the rest of your day, relieve anxiety and generate creativity. 

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Virtual Card Readings

Receive a virtual oracle card reading to illuminate what energy is resonating in your field.  This is a great way to receive guidance or confirmation on any aspect of your life.


“Mandi is an amazing person with a gift that she is blessed to be able to share with others.”


~ Deborah

“After my first session with Mandi, I walked away feeling grounded, calm, and more connected to my body than ever before. Her powerful insights helped me gain clarity into my health that was long overdue. She has helped me release blocked energy that was holding me back from being the best version of myself I could be.”


~ Ashley

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