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Orgonite pyramidS

These powerful pyramids are made by combining crystals, metal and organic resin.

This combination:

  • Balances and harmonizes bioenergy;

  • Transmutes negative frequencies to positive frequencies;

  • Can bring balance to the body; and

  • Elevates vibrations in the body.


Orgonite pieces are great to keep around electronics to help combat the electromagnetic frequencies in your home, office, or space. Orgonite can be programmed with an intention and the device will powerfully transmit this intention out into the universe.

Meditation MEdallions

These orgonite medallions are made to hold in your palm during meditation which can increase the power of your meditation and frequency of your intentions. Of course these don't just need to be used for meditation and these can also be placed on your desk or around your home for added electromagnetic frequency protection.

Meditation Medallion.JPG

Sacred Spirit Designs Jewellery

Sacred Spirit Designs is a woman led small business who has partnered with Cosmic Rose to sell these beautiful sacred jewellery peices. Each item is meticulously handmade in Alberta with high quality gemstones to ensure they resonate with your spirit.


We get incredibly excited to create new things with resin, crystals, and wood.  We make custom headboards and tables, charcuterie boards, keepsake pyramids, sacred geometry artwork, and more. Checkout our current selection of unique items or contact us to make a custom order of any sort.